Introduction: The Series 9 Unveiled

Apple has once again graced us with a new addition to its smartwatch lineup – the Apple Watch Series 9. Priced starting at $399 (£399, AU$649), it shares the stage with the Apple Watch Ultra 2. In this review, we’ll delve into the notable features of the Series 9, emphasizing its improvements over its predecessor, the Series 8.


The Power Within: Upgraded Chip and Enhanced Siri

At the heart of the Series 9 lies an upgraded chip that brings two significant enhancements to the table – faster Siri performance and the introduction of a new gesture control called “Double Tap.” These additions aim to elevate the user experience, making the Apple Watch more user-friendly and efficient.


Double Tap: A Learning Curve Worth Tackling

Double Tap, as the name suggests, allows users to trigger actions by tapping their index finger and thumb together twice. It serves various purposes, such as dismissing notifications, pausing timers, and accessing widgets directly from the watch face. While this gesture may require some acclimatization, it has the potential to streamline interactions with the watch. It’s worth noting that the version of Double Tap reviewed here was a preview, accessed on a separate unit running early software.


Siri’s Health Focus: A Promising Prospect

One of Siri’s most compelling updates is its ability to answer health-related questions, thanks to local data processing rather than relying on cloud-based computations. Although this feature is slated for release later in the year, it has the potential to transform the Series 9 into a more robust health tracker.


Unfulfilled Wishes: Battery Life and Action Button

While the Series 9 offers commendable improvements, it doesn’t fulfill every wish on the list. Longer battery life and the inclusion of the Apple Watch Ultra’s Action button remain unmet desires. Nevertheless, for those with older models, especially frequent Siri users and fitness enthusiasts, this upgrade holds substantial appeal.


The Unique Double Tap Gesture: A Game Changer

Apple’s introduction of the Double Tap gesture sets the Series 9 apart. Unlike previous gestures, Double Tap integrates seamlessly into the user interface, enabling a broad range of actions. Its efficient utilization of the watch’s chip ensures that it doesn’t drain the battery, offering a convenient hands-free experience.

Double Tap’s versatility shines when dismissing notifications, managing timers, and sending text messages without physical interaction with the watch. These everyday scenarios demonstrate the potential of this feature in enhancing convenience.


Conclusion: The Series 9 – An Evolutionary Step

The Apple Watch Series 9 may not revolutionize the smartwatch landscape, but it represents an evolutionary step forward. With Double Tap and Siri’s upcoming health capabilities, it caters to users seeking enhanced functionality. While some desires remain unfulfilled, the Series 9 is a compelling choice for individuals with older Apple Watch models, particularly those focused on health tracking and seamless interaction.


Author Introduction: Pritish Kumar Halder

Pritish Kumar Halder is a tech aficionado and accomplished writer dedicated to exploring the latest developments in the world of Apple. With an eye for detail, Pritish unravels the intricacies of Apple’s innovations, ensuring that readers are well-informed about the intricacies of the Apple ecosystem. His passion for dissecting new features and functionalities in Apple products enables readers to make informed decisions about their tech investments.