You might have heard people saying,’ educating a woman results in educating a mass.’ Something similar goes with the modern-era techno careerist ‘Pritish Kumar Halder.’ Pritish Halder is a full-time technical advisor or Information technology consultant aiding a multitude of people across the world. He has achieved multiple degrees and knowledge of numerous technological advancements.

Pritish Kumar Halder has been in infotech for the past 20 years. His apprehension and expertise towards the computerized course information and his vast mastery over different subjects cover it all, and he also helps others with his knowledge. Pritish Kumar Halder believes in ‘Educating and helping people in a mass’ other than limiting the proficiency to self.

The Well-Versed Expert

21+ years of real Java/JSP/Servlet/JEE development experience. 6+ years of significant SOA-based application development experience leveraging Web Service, SOAP, and XML/XSL technologies. 7+ years of PL/SQL, stored procedure, Oracle, MS SQL, and MySQL experience. The complete software development life cycle (SDLC), from conception to completion, includes testing and deployment as well as production and maintenance. Experience with project documentation, including technical and business requirements. PK Halder has never stopped, which resulted in his advanced learning that kept growing daily.  

Pritish Kumar Halder’s Career Synopsis 

  • Pritish Kumar Halder has 21+ years of experience being a Senior Software Developer. During this phase, he got to learn most about software development. 
  • Talking about extensive web applications like Java/JSP/JEE/JSE, Pritish Halder has around 15 years of experience in application development.  
  • With web application development work, his 15 years of experience with ColdFusion ran parallel to it. 
  • Pritish Kumar Halder has 7+1 years of experience in PHP and Drupal PHP. 
  • PK Halder holds six years of experience in web portal application development. 
  • Along with computer infotech, Pritish Kumar is enlightened with e-commerce analytics and information. Such as multi-tiered applications. 
  • Pritish Halder has 7+ years of expertise in Ant, SVN version management, MS VSS, and Tomcat integration in Eclipse. 
  • Pritish holds 5+ years of expertise using Oracle, MS SQL Server 2000/08, and MySQL in relational database applications.


In conclusion, all those mentioned above related to Pritish Kumar Halder are entirely trustworthy. People associated with the field of information technology can bring to light the impeccable information he curated.   

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