Any questions you want to practice should be geared toward your reliability, teamwork, and ability to follow instructions. Laboratories and non-profit organizations, government agencies, or research facilities should also be looking for a specific position. You need to know some of the most common questions asked in interviews.

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Try practicing some of these common Chemical Technician job interview questions with the help of Pritish Kumar Halder’s article.


1. Explain how you would be an asset to this organization.


How to answer: The interviewer wants you to explain how you can be valuable to the organization. Research the company website and social media pages.  Because of familiarity with the company’s mission statement and its core values. The interviewer wants to see that your values and goals align with theirs.

Answer: “There are many reasons that I feel that this partnership would be beneficial to both me and the organization. I am eager to be a part of the development of COVID-19 remedies. I know that your company has a Pharma division that is strongly focused on the creation of these remedies. I feel that it would make a huge impact on the background would make me a great partner for this organization. If hired for this position, I would contribute to the success of this company by working towards the development of medicinal remedies for COVID-19. I’ll contribute my expertise and prior experience in Pharma development and clinical trials.”


2. Tell us about a time you made a mistake in your career and what steps you took to correct the mistake.


How to answer:   The interviewer wants to hear that you know that you are not perfect and have made mistakes. To answer this question, demonstrate that if you make a mistake, you will take responsibility for it and take the proper steps to correct it. Provide an example of a mistake that you have made in your career and describe the steps that you took to correct the mistake.

Answer: “In my previous role, I worked on a project for a client and sent an email confirmation. That the testing had started and what the expected timeframe would be for the completion of the testing. After hitting send, I realized that I had sent the email to the wrong client. I quickly recalled the email was sent in error and to please disregard and delete the message. I then contacted the client that email was meant to go to and informed him that I had made the mistake. Luckily, the clients were both very understanding.

3. Tell us about a time you demonstrated leadership skills.


How to answer:  The interviewer is asking this to evaluate if you can take charge and lead if necessary. Think about a time you took charge during a group project or in a previous position and how your skills can transfer into this role.


Answer:  “In my position, a client requested rush testing while our team was already understaffed. I told my supervisor that I would take on the additional work and take responsibility for getting the rush testing completed and back to the client on time. I was able to complete this request successfully by asking a few other members of the team to prepare all of the glassware and solutions so that I could complete the testing quickly. I am always happy to oversee the project and enjoy working under pressure.”


Not every question you will encounter when interviewing for a Chemical Technician position will be related to a Medical and Health supportive job. But those are the common topics interviewer can ask for selecting a qualified candidate.

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