Apple’s ongoing legal battle with Epic Games has taken a new turn as the tech giant petitions the Supreme Court to reconsider a prior ruling. This contentious dispute revolves around potential changes to the rules governing the App Store, which could have far-reaching implications for the entire app development community. In this article, we delve into the latest developments in this legal showdown.


The App Store’s Fundamental Challenge

Revisiting the App Store’s Core Rules

Apple has submitted a cert petition to the Supreme Court, challenging a previous decision that could compel the company to permit app developers to direct users to alternative payment methods outside the App Store. This injunction remains in suspense as both Epic Games and Apple seek to elevate their battle to the highest court. However, if the Supreme Court declines to take up the case, this ruling would come into effect.


Apple’s Concerns

The ‘Breathtakingly Broad’ Scope

Apple characterizes the ruling as “breathtakingly broad” because it could potentially apply not only to Epic Games but to all app developers. The company argues that the district court’s decision imposes a universal injunction that prevents Apple from enforcing its contractual guidelines across all developers in the U.S. App Store, numbering in the millions.


A Universal Injunction

Implications for Numerous App Developers

The petition highlights the fact that the district court’s injunction extends beyond Epic Games. It covers approximately 100 other app developers, asserting that this sweeping relief was necessary to address Epic’s alleged injury. However, neither the district court nor the Ninth Circuit, which affirmed the decision, examined whether such relief for all affected nonparties was warranted or appropriate.


Epic Games’ Counterpetition

Epic’s Bid for Supreme Court Review

Epic Games has also filed a petition with the Supreme Court, urging the high court to revisit the core allegation of Apple violating federal antitrust laws through its highly profitable App Store business. While lower courts did rule in favor of Epic regarding external payment options, the majority of the judgment favored Apple.



Apple’s request for the Supreme Court to reconsider the ruling in its ongoing legal battle with Epic Games underscores the significance of this case. The outcome could potentially reshape the App Store landscape, affecting not only these two tech giants but also countless app developers. As these legal proceedings unfold, the tech industry watches closely to see how the Supreme Court responds to these pivotal petitions.


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