It’s officially cold outside, and the last thing anyone wants is to walk into a cold house. Here’s what a homeowner can do about it.

It’s officially cold outside, and the last thing anyone wants is to walk into a cold house. But sometimes, you don’t have that option. With drafty doors, windows, and poorly-insulated rooms, the cold can be inevitable. So what’s a homeowner to do?

If this is a reality at your house, there are a few simple tricks that will turn your house from frosty to toasty. Try these simple projects below and warm up those rooms in no time! By the way, here is how to warm up just one room.

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Close Your Curtains

Looking out at a beautiful snowy landscape is blissful during the day, but there’s no need for it at night. Especially when it’s making your house cold! Windows can be a sneaky culprit in bringing in the outside cold, so close your curtains to save yourself some heat. If they’re thermal insulation curtains, that’s even better. Check out these window cleaning tips from the pros.

Keep Items Away From the Radiator

Not just because it can be a fire hazard, but because those items are blocking the heat from circulating the house. Your couch may look great near the radiator, but for the winter months, you may want to find that sofa new hin home. Free anything blocking the radiator so the heat can run through your house evenly. Be sure to avoid these other common fire hazards.

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Draft-Proof Your Doors

Keep the cold air out and the warm air in! All it takes is a little weather stripping along your exterior doors. Using high-quality silicone rubber weather stripping will not only seal gaps but increases energy efficiency in your home. And it can all be done on a weekend.

Install Radiator Panels

Instead of having the heat from your radiators bounce off your walls and go in random directions, specify an area where you would like the heat to be the most prominent. Installing radiator panels on your ceiling can easily do this.

Want the area around your television to be warmer? Your desk? Radiator panels heat up to 150 degrees F within five minutes of being switched on, making that specific area warm in no time. Also, try out some of these ways to brighten your home in the winter.

Insulate Hot Water Pipes

Insulation sleeves around your water pipes can cut your wait time for reheating the water an exponential amount, and will even prevent the pipes from freezing. Plus, if you fit a cylinder jacket around your water tank, you can also reduce heat loss and save on your gas bill.

Try Soapstone Heaters

These will probably be your handiest tool during the cold winter months. Place the soapstone heater next to a heat source to warm up. It quickly absorbs the heat, and in return will radiate heat for hours afterward. They don’t easily overheat, which makes them great for bed warmers and satellite heating needs. If you have plants, make sure you know how to care for houseplants in the winter.

Designate a Heating Room

This can especially be helpful during emergencies that can happen during the winter months. Designate a well-insulated room as your warming place. Cover vents, windows, and doors with blankets to keep drafts out, and bring in other heating sources like your soapstone heater. If you plan on spending the night in this specific room, set up mattresses for sleeping if necessary.

The first thing that we all turn to as soon as winter approaches is an HVAC system. Whether you rely on a heat pump, space heater, fireplace, or central ducted heating – this is the most convenient method to heat the house. While you crank up your HVAC system, it’s best to use a ‘smart’ solution to make it as energy efficient as possible and maintain the best possible temperature!

You can either use a programmable thermostat for a ducted system or a smart AC controller for a mini-split, window, or portable heat pump. Smart AC controllers such as the Cielo Breez Plus have built-in temperature and humidity sensors that sense the current room temperature and adjust the air conditioning automatically to maintain the perfect room temperature. These devices can be controlled through smartphones, or web apps, from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Other modes within these devices come in the shape of schedules and intelligent trigger-based modes. Through weekly schedules, you can set up a routine for your air conditioner. Using comfy mode, you can set a preferred temperature range and your AC can automatically maintain the temperature of your choice! Apart from having a perfect temperature and keeping warm, you get to save on your energy bills as no energy is expended on needless heating.

 Special Gadgets Designed for Winters

If you’re into tech or a gadget geek you’re going to love this! While you start that fireplace, turn the temperature up a notch, seal off your windows, and hunker down you may want to look at some tech-savvy solutions.

Rechargeable foot warmers are heated in-soles intended to be placed in your shoes. When you are out in the woods or skiing, these little gadgets are a great help in keeping your feet warm. If you are at home and use your computer a lot, a heated mouse or mousepad would be a great tool to keep you comfortable without spending an extra amount on your utility bills. Heated jackets, heated gloves and caps, and smart duvets are all other technological innovations that give you 21st-century heating and a lot of conveniences!

 DIY Heating Equipment

If your area experiences unexpected power shutdowns or if you’re tired of high energy bills, then you can try out DIY heaters.

For starters, you can make your flower pot heater. All you need are a few tea lights and foil and terracotta flower pots. Other great DIY heating options involve a solar heater using tin cans, or a heating pad. Of course, these won’t heat as well as an energy-powered heating source but would be a fun project. Also, you won’t freeze when the power goes out!

But you need to be extremely careful when burning something indoors thus take all the necessary precautions and be careful!

Be it winter or summer, the choice of the right appliances and how you use them contributes a lot to the temperature at home. The stove and oven both help in heating your kitchen space. If you’re interested in trying out a slow cook recipe, winter is the best time to bring out the chef in you! Heat escaping from the stove or oven will help heat their surroundings.

If you plan to bake during winter, leave your oven open for a while after you are finished (be careful if you have pets or children at home). This tip will allow the warm air to escape into the room and will help you stay warm!

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