The harder you work better you will get success and the best you will achieve in life, this is actually proven by a person who is truly an exception due to his knowledge and intelligence which is Pritish Kumar Halder (PK Halder). PK Halder is an extremely knowledgeable person in the programming languages and technology domains. His vast and noble experiences in the field of computers and technologies made him perfect to tackle any kind of complexity and difficulty in programming.

PK Halder has a very fine and illuminating personality, he is quite informative with abundant knowledge of programming languages and the newest technologies. He is a skilled and scholarly person who possesses an assemblage of experiences in many programming databases and operating system domains. He is a hard-working man with commendable professional skills that enable him to achieve the peak of success and become a well-known person in the world.


The reason behind the success of Pritish Kumar:

Pritish Kumar has the potential to perform many long hauls within the time boundary and this is the foremost quality of his that makes a difference which tends him to become prominent and get succeed. Pritish has also an interest in reading and thus he uses to read the latest and current information about any subject and provides these collective and useful informations to my visitors and viewers who seek an authentic source of information that is quite accurate.

There is a huge range of experiences and skills of PK Halder that can not be explained in a few lines but some of the crucial ones are mentioned below;

  • 21+ years of Software Developer to Senior Software Developer Experience
  • 15+ years of solid experience in Java/JEE/JSE/JSP development
  • 15+ year ColdFusion
  • 7+ years PHP experience, 1+ years Drupal PHP experience
  • 6+ years experience in Web portal application development
  • 6+ years of extensive and hands-on experience in developing multi-tiered e-Commerce applications
  • 6+ years of JavaScript, Ajax, JSON, JQuery, Ext JS, and Sencha Touch in expertise level.

The Professional Skills of PK Halder: 

Pritish has extensive knowledge of programming databases, and notable professional skills in computers and their various applications, some of which are discussed below;

    • Software Architecture: RUP, UML, OOAD, Design Patterns, Extreme Programming (Agile), Data Modeling, OLAP, Rational Rose.
    • Programming Languages: Java/JEE/JSE, EJB, Servlets, JSP, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Ajax, PHP, Visual Basic, ColdFusion,ASP,.Net, JDBC, JavaBeans, JavaMail, Swing, Applets, AWT, XML, FORTRAN, SOA, SOAP, POI, FOP, and many others.
    • Internet (Web) related Technologies; HTML, DHTML, XHTML,JSF, CSS, CSS2, XSl/XSLT, JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery.
  • RDBMS and Database Programming; Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL.
  • Development IDEs and Tools; Eclipse, JBuilder, RAD/WSAD, Bugzilla, Fiddler.
  • Web / Application Servers; Tomcat, JRun, IIS, JBoss, ColdFusion.
  • Operating Systems; Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP, DOS.


Lastly, the details discussed above are absolutely correct and quite inspiring for others to become successful in their field and achieve a higher dignity and position in the world as Pritish Kumar Halder, who not only sets as an exemplar for others but also encourages many people to dream big to achieve big in life.