The iOS developers use their knowledge of programming languages to design and build applications for iOS software-based mobile devices. Many companies that deal in building iOS-based software and applications hire iOS developers. Understanding the day-to-day responsibilities and the national average salaries of iOS developers can help you decide if this job is suitable for you. In this article, Pritish Kumar Halder discuss how much an iOS developer makes, explore their duties and essential skills and learn how to become one.

How much does an iOS developer make?

Understanding the answer to, “How much does an iOS developer make?” can benefit the candidates who are considering a career as an iOS developer. The average salary of an iOS developer is ₹27,433 per month. Their salary may vary depending on the type of organisation they work in, their job level and experience. Many companies pay competitive salaries to iOS developers with strong programming and developing skills. The salary of an iOS developer can also vary according to the job location.

Aside from the basic salary, many iOS developers also receive some extra benefits from the companies. Here are some of those benefits:

  • paid leave

  • various insurance

  • remote work opportunities

  • challenging work

Duties and responsibilities of an iOS developer

From designing and coding the base application to fixing bugs and updating applications from time to time, iOS developers perform a wide range of tasks related to software. The daily functions of an iOS developer may include building iOS applications and maintaining their back-end services. Here are some duties of iOS developers that can help you understand more about this career:

  • developing software development kits on the iOS platform

  • creating clean and efficient codes that help in building the best possible applications

  • finding errors and bugs so that they can come up with necessary troubleshooting and enhance the performance of the application

  • collaborating and working with the development team to enhance the application’s current features

  • gathering customer feedback and reviews and finding areas that require improvements

  • researching customers’ viewpoints and suggesting new ideas

  • maintaining the quality and performance of the applications

  • communicating with back-end engineers, designers and product managers

Essential skills to become an iOS developer

The job of an iOS developer may require different technical skills, as these professionals are responsible for creating smooth and fast UI-based applications and software. Here are some important skills to become an iOS developer:

Knowledge of Swift

Swift is a common programming language from the manufacturer of iOS devices. Learning Swift can help in building iOS applications and it also allows developers to work on macOS, Linux, tvOS and watchOS applications. Many iOS developers prefer Swift as it offers some great features including fast speed and safety. Swift is an open-source programming language that provides the following advantages:

  • allows decreasing memory footprints

  • helps to build applications with improved performance and speed

  • allows adding updates easily if required in the future

  • offers easy readability

  • makes development process faster

Ability to understand design guidelines

Companies often have their design guidelines which they keep updating depending on the customer experience. Skilled iOS developers can adapt to the company’s design guidelines and build desirable applications. The design guidelines for iOS devices depend on the four basic things which are readability, graphics, clarity and interactivity. The iOS developers keep these things in mind while coding and designing the applications. They follow these four things to build applications that are more engaging and have an excellent interface design.

Communication skills

The iOS developers often collaborate with professionals with both technical and non-technical backgrounds. With the help of excellent written and verbal communication skills, they can easily convey their ideas to others. These developers can use patience and clear communication to complete their tasks smoothly within the deadlines. They may also have face-to-face conversations or communicate with other departments through different channels, such as email.

Spatial reasoning

With the help of spatial reasoning, iOS developers can visualise three-dimensional relations between different objects. This skill can help them understand the ways users can use the software on different iOS devices. Constant learning, working on various projects and understanding approaches of UX designers can help iOS developers enhance their spatial reasoning.

How to become an iOS developer

Here are some helpful steps to become an iOS developer:

1. Complete your education

Candidates with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering or any other related fields may be eligible to apply for iOS developer jobs. Having a bachelor’s degree from a recognised university can provide more job opportunities for you. Depending on the requirements for job positions, companies may require you to have a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. You can also pursue a master’s degree in computer science, software engineering or any relevant field to enhance your career.

2. Gain technical skills

The iOS developers generally require a strong understanding of various technical skills, such as Swift and Objective-C. Swift and Objective-C are two different programming languages that share the same iOS frameworks. With the help of these programming languages, you can easily create variables, write functions and develop professional applications in the iOS framework. Learning iOS programs can help you create user-friendly applications. There are many courses that you can pursue to enhance your knowledge of operating systems. Here are some relevant certifications to become an iOS developer:

  • certificate course in iOS programming

  • Swift iOS programming

3. Develop your own mobile apps

You can enhance your technical knowledge by creating your own applications. After gaining the necessary skills, you can test different methods and work with different programming languages to gain experience. You can create your own applications and showcase them in your resume to demonstrate your skills during the hiring process. Install Xcode, which is an integrated development environment, on your computer and use your understanding of Swift and different programming languages to develop new iOS applications.

You can also use Xcode to write code and publish applications so that users can easily download them. Many companies allow their recruiters to consider a candidate’s skills and experience of working with iOS applications more than their educational qualifications. They look for candidates who are familiar with working with iOS frameworks and can write great code.

4. Create a professional portfolio

Creating a professional and informative portfolio can help you get success in getting a job as an iOS developer. Including your previous work experience can be helpful in impressing employers. You can also mention freelancing experience if you have any. Make a separate block dedicated to your skills and explain each of them with some relevant examples. This can help recruiters understand your capabilities and how well you can perform the task.

Do the research and gather inspiration from the best portfolios you can find on online platforms. Important things that you can add to your portfolio are your educational qualifications, skills relevant to the job role, previous working experience, professional goals and your working philosophy. Ensure that it is also visually appealing so that the employers can easily comprehend the information in it.

5. Apply for jobs

After creating your professional portfolio, you can look for job opportunities that suit your expertise. Contact the companies offering iOS developer jobs by searching on different online platforms. Filter the search results to find jobs near you. Call up software companies that hire iOS developers to build a connection, email them your portfolio and fix a meeting or appear for walk-in interviews.

You can also use your network and get help from them in finding the right job. Before applying for the position of iOS developer, make sure you meet all the job requirements. Ensuring that you meet all the job requirements before applying can increase your chances of getting the job.