What is a nursing elevator speech?

A nursing elevator speech is a brief statement that introduces who you are as a nurse to generate interest and engagement from another person. Nurses often use elevator pitches during the job search process, either when introducing themselves to a prospective employer or during a job interview. The goal of the elevator speech is to provide the listener with a few key details about who you are as a professional and why they should take an interest in you as a candidate for their establishment. A typical elevator speech takes 30 seconds to deliver.

What to include in a nursing elevator speech

Here are some elements to include when writing an elevator speech to present at an interview shared by Pritish Kumar Halder:

Greeting and introduction

The first thing to include in your elevator speech is a brief greeting and introduction. Offering a friendly greeting shows professionalism and can set a positive tone for your interaction with the listener. After greeting them, give them your name and a few details about your current career position or professional goals. For example, if you’re a recent graduate, tell the listener when you graduated and what school you attended. If you work in a particular nursing specialty, describe what area of nursing you work in, such as pediatrics or emergency care.

Statement of professional credentials

It’s typical to provide some details of your professional credentials as part of your speech introduction. Quickly summarizing your educational or experiential history tells the listener that you have the right qualifications for their establishment. When telling them about your credentials, explain how many years of field experience you have and in what branch of nursing. If you’re a recent graduate, focus on explaining your educational background and any practical experience opportunities you’ve had. For example, tell them about the internship or volunteer nursing experience you have.

Detail of accomplishments, goals and skills

Next, provide a few key details that express your professional accomplishments, most relevant skills or your goals. These details highlight the value you can bring to the listener’s facility and inform them of how you might fit into their current work team. As an example, consider your current level of industry experience and tell the listener about how many years you’ve worked in the field and what areas of expertise you possess. You can also describe specific skills you have that may be a good fit for their team, such as communication or dedication to your professional development.

Since elevator speeches are short, you may not have time to include specific examples of your accomplishments. Instead, focus on providing an outline of your skills and abilities that make you qualified for the position. These details allow the reader to determine whether your skills are a good match for their needs, and then they can follow up about the details of your accomplishments by reviewing your resume, reading your cover letter or inviting you to an interview.

Explanation of what makes you unique or valuable

Your elevator speech is a great opportunity to express what makes you stand out from other job candidates. Sharing your unique perspective or skill set showcases what qualities distinguish you from others. When planning your elevator speech, consider your greatest professional strengths and how they contribute to your professional philosophy. These strengths may include particular skills or experiences you have that show your devotion and competency in the field. For example, mention whether you have any special certifications, experience working with particular clinical populations or how your professional values align with your practice.

Expression of interest in the listener’s facility

Be sure to show your interest in the listener and their establishment. If you’re preparing an elevator speech ahead of an interview or networking event, try to learn about the facility at which you’re interviewing or what establishments may have representatives at the networking event. Knowing what the listener is looking for in a candidate can help you write an elevator speech that appeals to their specific needs and interests. For example, if you’re applying for a position at a hospital with many less experienced nurses on their team, you might emphasize how your experience can benefit their team.

Nursing elevator speech examples

Here are examples of elevator speeches for nurses of various levels of professional experience:

Recent graduate

“Hi, my name is Molly Macintosh and I’m a recent graduate from the nursing program offered by the Nursing University of North Carolina. Although I’m only just emerging into my professional career, I’m a motivated and passionate nurse who constantly looks for opportunities to learn and grow. As a member of your nursing team, I hope to apply my compassion and team-oriented approach to serve ER patients seeking care through your hospital.

Before applying for this position, I completed an internship at the Metropolitan Hospital of Charlotte in the emergency room. I learned so much from working in the fast-paced environment alongside an experienced team of nurses, and now I’m excited to begin my career as a nurse for your hospital. As a new nurse, I hope to develop my skills while applying my enthusiasm and passion to the position.”

Moderate experience

“Hello, I’m James Brown and I have seven years of professional experience working as a psychiatric nurse for Good Health Hospital. I love helping people, and my job allows me to make a difference in the lives of others every day. Currently, I’m pursuing my master’s degree in nursing administration. I’m looking to fill a nurse manager position at your hospital so I can apply my leadership skills while developing my administrative skills in preparation for completing my degree.

After graduation, I hope to advance into an administrative position within your psychiatric department. I intend to use my experience and education to direct the department through crafting policies that support the care and transitional needs of our patients. As a nurse manager, my goal is to act as a mentor and support figure to assist the members of my team through challenges while promoting their growth and development.”

Experienced nurse

“Greetings, my name is Elanor Baskin and I’m a senior pediatric nurse with over 15 years of industry experience. I have my master’s degree in pediatric nursing, and I’ve worked for the Children’s Hospital of the South for the last 10 years, serving children and their families through some of the most difficult times in their lives. I believe my compassion, industry knowledge and dedication to professional development make me an exceptional candidate for a position as part of your pediatric team.

Having worked in this industry for many years, I understand the challenges that my patients, their families and the members of the medical care team face every day, and I strive to be a support to those around me. With my years of experience, I’ve honed my communication skills and leadership skills in the field. I’m passionate about mentoring less experienced members of the nursing team, providing advice and guidance as they develop their abilities. My goal is to promote professional excellence as a senior leader and care provider at your pediatric facility.”

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