Here Pritish Kumar Halder gives interview questions you may encounter as a prospective asset manager, plus sample answers:

1. Why do you want to be an asset manager?

The interviewer may ask this question to understand your motivations for seeking this position and what prepared you for working successfully in the field. This question is a great opportunity to illustrate your passion for investing and emphasize to the interviewer why you are a good fit for the job. Here is a sample answer to consider when preparing for your interview:

Example: “I have been interested in money management since I took my first economics class in high school. I gravitate towards investment consulting and asset management because I enjoy helping others make impactful decisions. It’s very rewarding to guide people through large financial decisions, as I know this can be a stressful process for many people unfamiliar with investment concepts.

I believe that I can use my expertise in asset management to help others invest their money wisely and beneficially. My ultimate goal is to make my clients happy, which would give me satisfaction in my job.”

2. How important is forecasting when investing assets?

If you’re interviewing for a position as an asset manager, you are likely applying to work at an investment bank or financial consulting firm. These workplaces and others similar to them place high value on financial forecasting techniques. Consider the following response when asked about forecasting:

Example: “I acknowledge the importance of financial forecasting to this position. I believe it’s especially important to gather as much information as possible when investing client assets, as their financial outcomes are a direct reflection of my management abilities. This is why I spend a considerable amount of my work hours studying and analyzing various market trends and how they change. Every decision I make is always as well-informed and considered as possible.”

3. What aspect of asset management appeals to you most?

This is a question an interviewer may ask to learn more about your personality and passion for asset management. Employers want to hire highly motivated individuals, and this question gives you an opportunity to express either personal or professional motivations for working in this field. Here is an example response to help you answer similar questions in an interview:

Example: “The part of asset management that truly speaks to me is the partnership between client and manager. While clients trust us to provide valuable advice for their investments, they also have the ability to share their own opinions and conduct their own research. I am able to steer the client in a direction that I believe is profitable while making sure that their input is a priority.”

4. Have you ever encountered a situation where a client was skeptical of your investment plan? How did you address their concerns?

Employers may ask a question like this to assess your ability to manage conflict and provide satisfactory customer service. This is also a chance for the interviewer to further understand your workplace attitude. Here is a sample answer that may help you when faced with a similar question:

Example: “At my past job, I did have a situation where one of my longtime clients was unsure about going forward with an investment I had suggested. The client worked in the healthcare sector and the investment was in a new cosmetics company focused on creating skincare products for women over 50. Based on my research, I was confident that investing in this business would be both relevant and profitable for the client, as the cosmetics and medical industries have been known to overlap successfully.

To make the client more comfortable, I met with her in person several times and brought physical copies of all of my research. After thoroughly explaining my reasons for going forward with the investment, I made sure the client knew that the decision was ultimately hers, and that I would continue to support her as an asset manager regardless. Ultimately, she decided to trust my expertise and go through with the investment, which turned out to be very successful.”