Want to hover hundreds of feet in the air on an average workday? Then being a wind technician may be just for you.

A wind turbine technician, also known as a Twintech, installs, inspects, maintains, operates, and repairs wind turbines. They can diagnose and fix any problem that could cause the turbine to shut down unexpectedly. Technicians do most of their work in the nacelle, where sensitive electronics are housed. Since they are built compactly, technicians must be comfortable working in confined spaces.

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Alt-Text: Wind turbine technicians often monitor turbines from the ground.

In addition, they also work on top of the nacelles, where they might have to replace instruments that measure wind speed and direction or work with large cranes. To do this, they are standing hundreds of feet in the air. To protect them, they wear fall protection and full-body harnesses that are attached to the nacelle. Employment of wind turbine technicians is projected to grow 68 per cent from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations.

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Wind Turbine Technician’s Interview: the Basics

If you have a fear of heights or small spaces, this might not be the job for you.

A wind turbine technician must be able to use mechanical skills and be capable of climbing ladder systems, often 260 feet high, to heights of the turbine nacelle. During this climb, they bring tools and equipment that weigh more than 45 pounds, and in most cases, use climb assists equipment to get up the turbine quicker. They must always exercise good judgment and be able to document their findings.

To be successful in most wind techs, you should have learned their trade by attending technical schools or community colleges, where they typically complete certificates in wind energy technology, although some workers choose to earn an associate’s degree. Many technical schools have onsite wind turbines that students can work on as part of their studies.

 List of Topics to Prepare


When interviewing for a wind turbine technician position, your interviewer will ask questions to assess your capability in wind turbine servicing. The answers you give can be a deciding factor in whether you receive a job offer. So, here are some best wind turbine technician’s Interview topics that will help you to clear the interview quickly:

In addition to lab coursework, other areas of focus that reflect the various skill sets needed to do the job include the following:

  • Rescue, safety, first aid, and CPR training
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Hydraulic maintenance
  • Braking systems
  • Mechanical systems, including blade inspection and maintenance
  • Computers and programmable logic control systems
  • Knowledge of certification in subjects such as workplace electrical safety, tower climbing, and self-rescue.
  • Inspect the exterior and physical integrity of wind turbine towers
  • Climb wind turbine towers to inspect or repair wind turbine equipment
  • Perform routine maintenance on wind turbines
  • Test and troubleshoot electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic components and systems
  • Replace worn or malfunctioning components
  • Collect turbine data for testing or research and analysis
  • Service underground transmission systems, wind field substations, or fiber optic sensing and control systems

To improve your chances of performing well at a wind turbine technician’s interview is to know the questions you are most likely to face. And then prepare effective answers before the interview so you can answer them naturally.

Learn More about the Job


Anyone serious about landing a job or acing a wind turbine technician’s interview should have adequate knowledge about the concepts mentioned above. More importantly, the applicant should know what type of wind turbine technician they are applying to and the nature of the job to prepare accordingly.

File Name: Wind turbine technicians – Windmill

Alt-Text: Wind turbine technicians often work at great heights.

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Composed by: Suma Sarker


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