Any questions you want to practice should be geared towards your reliability, ability to follow instructions. You need to know some of the most common questions asked in interviews.

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Try practicing some 3 common librarian job interview questions by Pritish Kumar Halder:


1.     How Relevant are Technology and Social Media for Librarians?


How to answer:  Employers will want to evaluate your awareness of current trends.

Answer:  “I am first and foremost passionate about physical books and sources. I love the tangibility of physical objects, and I always have a few good books of both fiction and non-fiction on my nightstand. But I’m very sentient of how technology has become interwoven with our everyday lives—and libraries are no exception.” 

“Computers, catalog programs, and database software are all integral to contemporary libraries. I’m comfortable using that technology. I’d also be happy to help members conduct research using online databases and encyclopedias if that’s what they need. Social media can be an extension of the organization’s marketing arm. Given the ubiquity of social media—and the massive number of users on those networks. We can make use of it prudently and shrewdly to promote library events, announce new collections, and even launch virtual happenings where members can log in and participate remotely.”


2.     What is Your Vision for the Future of Libraries?


How to answer:   Librarian interview questions may seek to not only ascertain your skills for the specific position you’re applying to. But also to glean some of your general views on the field and how you see it evolving.

Answer:  “Chiefly, I think libraries should play an ever-growing—even fundamental—role in their communities. And that can elongate to non-traditional services. Such as activating dedicated areas for “makers” to use self-publishing tools and 3D printers. Physical objects should remain as the crux. But libraries should also keep up with the times, incorporate new digital forms of books and research, and harness new technologies as they emerge—but only if they enhance library services. And all libraries should fully embrace inclusivity. All are welcome regardless of income, race, or creed. Libraries are neither homes nor workspaces. Rather, they will continue to be their dynamic entities with services that empower people with knowledge, benevolence, creation, and information.”


3.     What Library Classification Systems and Referencing Styles are you Familiar with?


How to answer:   If you’re looking for sample library reference interview questions, you should pay attention to this one. Employers will want to test whether you have a solid understanding of the essential tools of library classification, referencing, and cataloging. So, you should expect a similar inquiry during any librarian interview questions round.


Answer:  “Regarding the first portion of your question, I have a strong grasp of both the Library of Congress Classification (LCC) and the Dewey Decimal Classification (DCC) systems. However, my familiarity extends to faceted classification as well, with some knowledge of Colon Classification (CC) and Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) systems too. As for reference, I have an advanced grasp of the most prevalent styles, including Chicago, Modern Language Association (MLA), American Psychological Association (APA), Oxford, and Harvard, but I’m always willing to learn new styles and adapt to in-house preferences.”


Not every question you will encounter when interviewing for a librarian position will be related to an educational supportive job. But those are the common topics interviewer can ask for selecting a qualified candidate.

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