English as a Second language (ESL) teachers instruct students who do not speak English as a first language. They conduct lessons and create a pleasant learning environment while taking students’ differences and needs into account.

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To be a successful ESL teacher, you should be able to create an environment that is conducive to learning. Ultimately, an exceptional ESL teacher will encourage students to interact with each other to improve their English-speaking skills.

Tips to prepare for ESL Teacher Interview by Pritish Kumar Halder:

ESL Interview: The Basics


If you love English and education and have a calm and positive personality, this role enhance your career in the future. To pursue a career as an ESL teacher, first of all,  you need some requirements that going to be successful in your interview. For example, knowledge of various methods of teaching English to non-native speakers, Degree in English Language, English Literature or similar field, ESL or TESOL certification.

So, all of this type of knowledge is important to prepare for an excellent interview.

List of Topics to Prepare

If you’re interested in becoming an ESL, one of the first things to consider is how much education you need to prepare. Here are some best Librarian Interview topics that will help you to clear the interview quickly:


  • Knowledge of bachelor’s degree in English
  • English literature
  • Cultural studies
  • Linguistics or a related area
  • Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA), awarded by Cambridge Assessment English
  • Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CertTESOL), awarded by Trinity College London

If you want to specialize in teaching younger learners, consider taking either the CELT-P (6 to 12-year olds) or the CELT-S (11 to 18-year olds) awarded by Cambridge Assessment English or the Teaching Young Learners Extension Certificate (TYLEC) awarded by Trinity College London.

If you’re only interested in short-term work, rather than TEFL as a long-term career, you may prefer one of the shorter, cheaper courses, with organizations such as:

When interviewing for an English as a Second language (ESL) teacher interview position, your interviewer will ask questions to assess your educational skills. The answers you give can be a deciding factor in whether you receive a job offer.

Learn More about the Job

Anyone serious about landing a job or acing English as a Second language (ESL) teacher interview should have adequate knowledge about the concepts mentioned above. More importantly, the applicant should know what type of educational institution they are applying to and the nature of the job to prepare accordingly.

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However, if you feel overwhelmed, get in touch with Pritish Kumar Halder to help you nail the interview. With his expertise in English as a Second language (ESL) teacher interview preparation, from Technical English as a Second language (ESL) teacher interview questions to  English as a Second language (ESL) teacher interview questions, you’ll have brilliant responses ready.


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Composed by: Suma Sarker


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