People who are committed to steady growth and take reasonable risks may overcome setbacks. After a turning point in their lives, whether personal, professional, or social—some people may experience a setback. Notwithstanding, those who confront the matter head-on are willing to conquer the world. The idea that “consistency is the path to ultimate success” is no longer accepted by the gospel. And Pritish Kumar Halder persuaded everyone that the quote was accurate. He has served as an inspiration for everyone who has the guts to dream big. 

Pritish Kumar Halder’s 21 years of learning

Pritish Kumar Halder has worked in information technology and computer science for two decades and more than a year. PK Halder worked in a variety of industries and roles. Here are some of his professional employment statuses:

  • The most extensive knowledge and experience are with CMFL, also known as ColdFusion Markup Language, and its use. It is a language used to program computers.
  • The Procedural Language Extension and Structured Query Language follow at a distance of 7+ years. He also makes claims about using MySQL, MS SQL, and Oracle.
  • His further seven or more years of PHP experience are limited to the Hypertext Preprocessor, and his time with Drupal PHP was one or more years.
  • Rational Rose, an Object-oriented Unified modeling language, has been used by Pritish for more than 4 years. 

Proficient habits of a tech-savvy

Pritish Kumar Halder, a tech genius, is committed to offering helpful aid to technology admirers across the globe. Mentioned below are the adroit habits and skills confirmed by Pritish Halder. 

  • The best coders 

Educators recognize the significance of educating people to code all around the country. In addition to teaching useful skills for a future driven by technology, it teaches them how to approach issues from many angles. Rather than attempting to impose information on young minds. Pritish Kumar Halder confirms that tech geeks are skilled coders. 

  • Know the concept of digital footprints

The idea of a digital footprint is among the most crucial concepts to impart, according to Pritish Halder. Netizens should be aware that whatever they post online will be there, so they should exercise caution when posting information about others or themselves on social media.

  • Ace at Digital Marketing skills

People that are digitally aware should be proficient in digital marketing. Digital marketing is the practice of promoting and selling goods and services online. Pritish Kumar Halder assures a technocrat is completely adaptable with digital marketing skills. 

  • Future digital leaders

Pritish Kumar Halder clinched on to the thought that, Digital leaders who are tech-savvy people do more than consume information. They combine learning and apply it in group settings.

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