Do you love books? Are you an organizer, a thinker, and a tech-savvy people person? Then join at the local library as a library technician. Library technicians support and assist librarians by performing technical tasks involved in library or information work. This can include collection management, cataloging, and document delivery. They also provide reference services and may deliver programs, or manage small libraries in corporate, school, or public settings.

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In this article, we discuss some of the most common Library Technician interview questions and offer examples of how to answer them effectively.

A Librarian Interview: The Basics

This role provides an essential service to the local community and comes with perks like medical benefits, paid time off, and fee waivers for meeting room rentals and other library services. The library technician job may also be a good fit for you if you enjoy public outreach, as we need someone to help develop ongoing community programs like Storytime and basic adult technology classes.

Library technicians must be knowledgeable about library operations including computer applications, e-resources, and e-technology. Most library technicians are graduates of related 2-year diploma programs. Additional post-secondary education is an asset. Employers generally prefer to hire applicants who have related work or volunteer experience.

List of Topics to Prepare

If you’re interested in becoming a Library Technician, one of the first things to consider is how much education you need to prepare. So, here are some best Library Technician Interview topics that will help you to clear the interview quickly:


  1. English Language Arts
  2. Business, Administration, Finance, and IT
    1. Management and Marketing
  3. Education and Library Studies
  1. Knowledgeable about computer applications
  2. Knowledgeable about e-resources
  3. Knowledgeable about e-technology
  1. Knowledgeable about Library and Information Technology
  2. Knowledgeable about Strong customer service orientation
  3. Communication skills
  4. Self-motivation, versatility, and adaptability
  5. A flexible attitude
  6. An ability to follow directions for detailed tasks
  7. Organizational and time management skills
  8. Knowledgeable about Technical skills related to using online resources, MS Office, e-technology, office equipment
  9. Knowledgeable about E-service and technical troubleshooting skills
  10. An ability to work alone and as part of a team
  11. Knowledgeable about Research, technical assistance, and information fluency skills
  12. Public speaking and instructional skills

When interviewing for a Library Technician interview position, your interviewer will ask questions to assess your educational skills. The answers you give can be a deciding factor in whether you receive a job offer.

Learn More about the Job

Anyone serious about landing a job or acing a Library Technician interview should have adequate knowledge about the concepts mentioned above. More importantly, the applicant should know what type of educational institution they are applying to and the nature of the job to prepare accordingly.

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Composed by: Suma Sarker