Kebabs are considered to have originated in Turkey when soldiers used to grill chunks of freshly hunted animals skewed on swords on open field fires. The name was firstly discovered in a Turkish script of Kyssa-i Yusuf in 1377, which is the oldest known source where kebab is stated as a food.

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The world-famous Turkish kebab means ‘rotating’ kebab in Turkish. It is made from lamb, chicken, or beef, slowly roasted on a vertical spit, and then thinly sliced off. Döner is served on a plate with salad and rice or potatoes; in bread like a sandwich; or in a wrap known as dürüm.01-Sept-2021

What cuisine is a kebab?

Turkish cuisine

Kebab is a common name for various skewered meat dishes from Turkey. Marinated meat is placed on a skewer and grilled slowly over hot coals. It is a symbol of Turkish cuisine, a legacy of ancient times of the Ottomans when soldiers who camped in tents skewered the meat on their swords and cooked them over an open fire.

Origin of Kabab India

Originating in the Turkish kitchen, brought to India by the Afghans, and later popularized by the Mughals, the kebab is one of the most versatile dishes ever.

Kind of meat use in kebab

The traditional doner kebab meat is lamb. Today, chicken, veal, turkey, and beef are cooked in the same manner, with a combination of veal leg meat, lamb meat, and lamb tail fat being a combination in Turkey. (Fatty cuts keep the meat moist and flavorful as it cooks on the rotisserie.)

Types of chicken kabab

Grilled, pan-fried or baked, mutton or chicken, kebabs have always made us drool over them in all their forms. From seekh kebabs, shami, gilafi to tangri kebabs, there are options galore when it comes to cooking specially with the lean meat- chicken and guess what? You can make each one of them at home too!

Difference between kebab and shawarma

Kebab is a combination of ground meat, flour or bread crumbs, and various spices cooked on a frying pan or in a grill or tandoor, whereas shawarma is a variant of kebab and is prepared from meat that is roasted vertically.

What makes a good kebab?

Fresh meat.

Only the freshest meat – and those sliced to perfect thinness – can get that perfect balance of soft, juicy, tasty goodness of a good doner kebab. It does not matter whether it’s chicken, beef, lamb, or even pork kebab – they have to be fresh.

The most popular kebab

9 Popular Kebabs for Hard-core Foodies

1)Galouti Kebab. All the kebab lovers are familiar with Galouti kebab, which is originated from Lucknow.


2)Seekh Kebab. …

3)Reshmi Kebab. …

4)Murg Malai Kabab. …

5)Kalmi Kebab. …

6)Chicken Tikka. …

7)Hara Bhara Kebab. …

8)Veg Seekh Kebab.