If you’re excited by the possibility of helping patients as a Respiratory Therapist, make sure to choose a guideline that offers some interview questions of Respiratory Therapist that will challenge you to become a versatile, empathetic, and autonomous practitioner.


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Respiratory Therapists frequently asked questions in various research-based job interviews by the interviewer. The set of questions is here to ensure that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. While knowing the right answer is important, it’s essential to exhibit confidence during oral responses.

So get preparation for Respiratory Therapist job interview by Pritish Kumar Halder:


1.     What respiratory therapy equipment do you have experience using?


How to answer: Interviewers often ask questions to learn more about your experience in the field. They want to ensure that you have familiarity with the job’s responsibilities and can navigate them effectively. Be specific in your answers to such questions—in this scenario, detail the different equipment you have hands-on experience using. When possible, you may want to emphasize your interest in learning new equipment, helping assure potential employers that you are willing to develop your skills and knowledge as needed.

Answer: “In my most recent role at a hospital, I helped patients with a diverse assortment of respiratory conditions. This experience has helped me gain familiarity with numerous equipment’s, such as CPAP and BIPAP machines, oxygen monitors and nebulizers. I am passionate about my job, so I enjoy learning how to use as many types of equipment as possible.

If something is new or unfamiliar to me, I spend time researching and learning more about the equipment and its uses. I also will ask my colleagues to train or supervise me on using them. I want to provide a positive patient experience, so it is important to me that I feel comfortable using the equipment around me and building my skill set whenever I can.”



2.     How Would You Advise a Patient Who Caught an Asthma Attack, but has no medication?


How to answer: The interviewer must ask questions that deduce your expertise. Therefore, make sure that you handle this with the level of knowledge the second question needs.

Answer: “Knowing the acidotic/ alkalotic balance before treating a patient helps therapists assess his/ her lung function and decide whether the patient requires further testing. This is a mandatory procedure that must be done, or else complications might arise.”



3.     Mention the steps you will take to minimize respiratory complications?


How to answer: Your job as a respiratory therapist is delicate, and an interviewer must ensure that you are up to the task.

Answer:  To minimize respiratory complications, I suggest that people place more fans n their houses for fresh air, get vaccinated, perform respiratory exercises, cough up respiratory secretions using given medications, use feeding tubes for serious respiratory conditions and raise his/ her head when lying down. These steps should help somebody minimize respiratory complications.”


When interviewing for a Respiratory Therapist, the employer is looking for knowledgeable candidates who can handle a variety of patients and conditions in sometimes stressful situations who are keen to help their patients heal.


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Composed by: Suma Sarker


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