Visakhapatnam is the largest and most populous city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh and its proposed administrative capital. It is between the Eastern Ghats and the coast of the Bay of Bengal. This is the second-largest city on the east coast of India after Chennai and the fourth-largest in South India. It is one of the four smart cities of Andhra Pradesh selected under the Smart Cities Mission and serves as the headquarters of the Visakhapatnam district.

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This city is situated between the Eastern Ghats and the Bay of Bengal. City coordinates lies between 17.7041 N and 83.2977 E. The city’s area is 682 km2. The average elevation is 45 meters. Visakhapatnam is situated in Coastal Andhra Region.

This city is surrounded by the Simhachalam Hill Range to the west, the Yarada Hills to the southeast, and Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary to the northwest. The hills play an important role in Visakhapatnam’s ecological environment and cover over 621.52 km2

Hills in Visakhapatnam

Eastern Ghats

Simhachalam Hills

Yarada Hills

Erra Matti Dibbalu

Dolphin’s Nose Hills

Kailasagiri Hills


Visakhapatnam has a tropical wet and dry climate. The annual mean temperatures ranges between 24.7–30.6 °C (76–87 °F), with the maximum in the month of May and the minimum in January. And the minimum temperatures ranges between 17–27 °C (63–81 °F). Highest maximum temperature ever recorded was 42.0 °C (107.6 °F) in 1978, and the lowest was 10.5 °C (51 °F) on 6th January 1962. It receives rainfall from the South-west and North-east monsoons and the average annual rainfall recorded is 1,118.8 mm (44.05 in).

How many days are enough for Vizag?

2-3 days is the ideal duration of a trip in Vizag. You can take a day to all the points of interest in Vizag city.

Which time is best for Vizag tour?

The best time to visit Vishakhapatnam is from October to March. During this time, the weather of the region becomes more pleasing and comfortable. December to February is the duration of winters in this region. The temperature becomes fairly pleasant with temperature range of 18°C to 32°C

How much does it cost to visit Vizag?

For the Vizag tour package, it will cost you nearly ₹16,900 for two heads or ₹8,450 per person.

Visakhapatnam Tourist Places to Visit in 3 Days

1. Araku Valley
2. Submarine Museum
3. Katiki Falls
4. Simhachalam Temple
5. Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary
6. Rishikonda Beach
7. Kailasagiri Park
8. Ross Hill Church

Kailasagiri Park


Submarine Museum